Master in Fashion Design students will collaborate with Romeo Gigli, developing a “drop” collection inspired by Romeo’s most iconic pieces, embodying the brand’s core essence and mixing masculine and feminine elements with ethnic influences. Throughout this workshop, students will engage in a dynamic interplay with time, harnessing the past to converse with the present and craft the fashion future.

Technogym will challenge students of the Masters in Business Design, Masters in Service Design and Masters in Visual Brand Design to redefine the gym experience and evolve it towards the future by designing a new product/service associated with a strong communication campaign.

With Maison Sirivannavari, the students of the Master in Fashion Styling & Visual Merchandising will create a visual retail experience by developing a pop-up store inside Rinascente 4th floor for the S/S 24 collections to create brand awareness and sell the collection to the final client. Along the same lines, students of the Master in Fashion Management are also called upon to collaborate with the brand, focusing on the creation of a holistic buying strategy, again with the goal of designing a rich inspirational customer experience.

Students from the Masters in Interaction Design and Master in Product Design will apply their skill within the Envisioning and Tangible Interaction Workshop proposing an idea able to summarise the need for a paradigm shift in designing technology, introducing the concept of Slow Technology for wellbeing. Students should question how to “not always” be connected, with the aim of creating new personal habits and redefining relationship with technologies.

Master in Interior & Living Design students will work to create an integrated approach to educating elementary school children of the importance of healthy eating and learning about the entire food process.

As part of the architectural design workshop, students of the Master in Urban Vision & Architectural Design will be asked to propose new types of buildings comprising living, working and collective facilities for practitioners operating in the cultural sector as part a broader critique on the role culture plays in urban development processes.

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