Master inInteraction Design

Master's in Interaction Design
Validated by Regent's University London Logo Final

The Master in Interaction Design deepens this multidisciplinary area through an innovative approach to user interaction and experience.

Language: English | Start: February, September, November


Duration 11 months

Accreditation MUR/Italy



Duration 14 months

Accreditation UK


The Master’s in Interaction Design programme is workshop-based, supported by seminars, lectures, tutorials, and fieldwork. Industry professionals, the programme leader, and project leaders will guide you via individual coaching and mentorship.

The combination of accredited coursework and real-life professional projects gives students the opportunity to build on their academic foundation, while gaining valuable work experience directly applicable to their future careers.

Students can apply to the Academic Master’s Programme, accredited by the Italian Ministry of Education, or to the Master of Arts degree with an international UK validation.


Graduates of the Academic Master’s Programmes earn a degree that is recognised throughout Europe and the world, receiving an Academic Master’s Degree (60 ECTS credits) accredited by the Italian Ministry of Universities and Research (MUR)*, in addition to a Domus Academy Master’s Diploma.

The programme consists of 5 modules, including a curricular internship and a final project workshop.

* The academic Master’s Degree is awarded by NABA, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti.


The Double Award Master path allows students to obtain an Academic Master validated by the Italian MUR and a Master of Arts, with international validation in the UK from Regent’s University in London.

Students integrate additional lectures and a more in-depth individual project to their 5-module programme that includes the curricular internship and final project.

The UK validation gives students more international recognition of their course of study and the opportunity to obtain a Master of Arts Degree (90 ECTS) awarded by Regent’s University London that allows them access to most international doctoral programs.

Within their academic year, students enrolled in the Double Award Master’s Programme, have the opportunity to spend a week at Regent’s University London for a London study trip experience, with special teaching activities and visits to the most significant sites for creative trends. During their stay, students will have the opportunity to take part in tours to discover London’s most iconic places, museums and galleries. The one-week London study trip is not part of the Academic curriculum, therefore not mandatory. It is subject to additional costs covering both the cultural offer and the trip.


Interaction design is about creating a product, service, or space that people will interact with through an intuitive visual and haptic (tactile) interface.
In the Master’s in Interaction Design programme, you will learn to define problems and solutions in the field of interaction and user experience.

As you create enriched experiences through innovative technology, you will be encouraged to transform your original design visions into market opportunities.


The program is addressed to candidates who have a first-level degree and/or professional experience in design (product, visual, graphic, media, or web design) or in architecture, computer science, or engineering.

It is also open to candidates with experience in communication science, psychology, sociology, or equivalent, if they are motivated by interest in information design and have a strong portfolio.

All courses are taught in English. A high level of proficiency in the English language is required.


Interaction design is a rapidly growing discipline increasingly in demand across the private and public sectors. Graduates can find roles at established companies or launch a career as self-employed consultants and entrepreneurs.

Job titles include:


The Master’s involves the following costs, in addition to the payment of a degree fee to be paid within one month before the course start date, equal to € 540 for the Academic Master’s Programme and € 650 for the Double Award Master’s Programme.

Matriculation Fee: € 540/650

EU & EFTA students fee i

Academic Master

€ 22.900

Pre-Enrollment: € 3.000

Tuition: € 19.900

Double Award Master

€ 24.900

Pre-Enrollment: € 3.000

Tuition: € 21.900

Non-EU Students Fee

Academic Master

€ 27.000

Pre-Enrollment: € 3.000

Tuition: € 24.000

Double Award Master

€ 31.000

Pre-Enrollment: € 3.000

Tuition: € 28.000

Meet your faculty
Giovanni Caruso
Giovanni Caruso

Giovanni Caruso is a professional with a diverse background. He holds an International Ph.D. in Audiovisual Studies. He transitioned into roles as a strategist and later as a design manager for a major consultancy.

Giovanni Caruso
Master in Interaction Design

Giovanni Caruso is a professional with a diverse background. He holds an International Ph.D. in Audiovisual Studies.

He transitioned into roles as a strategist and later as a design manager for a major consultancy.

Previously, he was an experimental musician, traversing different genres, unconventional styles and gears. Giovanni co-founded GAME – The Italian Journal of Games Studies and Speculative Futures Milan.

Visiting Professors

Pier Bardoni, Riccardo Castaldi, Silvio Cioni, Fabio Franchino, Nima Gazestani, Riccardo Mantelli, Alessandro Masserdotti, Andrea Pedrina, Andrea Pinchi, Remo Ricchetti, Ilaria Scarpellini, Pietro Tarsitano, Stefania Berselli, Alessandro Chessa, Vittorio Cuculo, Giacomo Ferrari, Luca Troisi, Andrea Piccolo, Fabio Besti, Alberto Andreetto, Joseph Forakis, Alice Mela, Eray Alan, Giovanni Caruso, Emanuele Gandini, Giorgio Mazzucchelli, Andrea Banfi, Pradyumna Surampudi, Federico Tenga.

Several prestigious companies and design studios collaborate with the Master's Programme in Interaction Design, actively participating in courses, workshops, internships and international competitions organised by the department.
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