Student Services

Student Services

Domus Academy’s Student Services Office is here to make all students feel welcome and supported during their studies in our vibrant, inclusive, international community thanks to different facilities available in our campus in Milan.

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The Domus Academy Design Lab is the place where you can work on models and projects that are required as part of your programme.
The Lab is equipped with hi-tech machinery and tools and a wide range of materials, to give you all the resources you need to make your ideas a reality.

Fashion Design students can use the Fashion Lab to make models and prototypes.
Fully equipped with sewing machines, mannequins, irons, sewing tables and other tools, as well as many types of leather and fabric, the Lab is where your designs take shape.

At Domus Academy, you can feel free to use a superb library that houses books and magazines on a wide variety of subjects including design, architecture, fashion and business.
The library also provides access to important online databases related to the same areas.


Our counselling service is a space where you can feel listened and supported as you cope with any challenges that may arise as part of your learning experience, as well your personal growth and relationships (e.g. cultural differences, pressure including school-related anxiety, difficult relationships with classmates, emotional/relational issues, distance from home and loneliness, etc.).

Our Counselling service is a short cycle of individual sessions (approximately 10/12), once a week or every two weeks. Each consultation lasts approximately 50 minutes and can be either in English or Italian according to your preference.
The service is provided by Mrs. Silvia Signorelli, Professional Counsellor, at her studio in Milan, 28 Via Panfilo Castaldi (Porta Venezia area). You can have up to 3 sessions for free. Domus Academy provides discounted student rates for any additional sessions after the 3rd one.

You can contact Mrs Silvia Signorelli directly at and +39 3475325819

housing service students

Available from the first day of enrolment, Domus Academy provides a free Housing Service to help you find your perfect student home in Milan.
Thanks to agreements between Domus Academy and private landlords, double or single rooms in shared flats or entire flats are also available for temporary stays.


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