The School

The School

Recognised as one of the Best Postgraduate Design Schools in the world.
Our vision is to support next-generation designers to change the future. We are a visionary school of design research and experience, an open and interdisciplinary environment to work on visionary projects with avant-garde companies. Through the ‘learning by designing’ method, we support talents in developing the mindset to find creative solutions in future scenarios.

Why Domus Academy?

Envisioning Future and Inspiring Life & People all over the World, through Design.

Are you obsessed with Design, in all its forms, and by the Future? Follow the 5Ds, come to Domus Academy!


Study at a Highly Ranked School recognized by International Institutions and publications as one of the best design schools worldwide. Experience Milan, the World’s Capital of Fashion and Design.


Work on multiple unconventional projects with leading companies and professionals. Create Disruptive Design Concepts and Envision the Future through possible and impossible scenarios.


Attend masterclasses with famous and emerging designers. Boost your connections during our workshops with the best companies and studios. Get your Internship/Field Learning Experience. Join an amazing global network of Alumni.


Customize your Academic Pathway. Take part in Cross-Disciplinary workshops and Personalize your Study Plan according to your interests and career objectives.


Earn a worldwide recognized, International Double Award Master’s, consisting in a UK-accredited Master of Arts degree from Regent’s University London plus an Academic Master’s Degree accredited in Italy.

You can collaborate with some of the most cutting-edge brands in fashion, product design, interaction design, luxury goods, and more. In workshops, internships, and/or field experiences, you will work directly with companies to address the most contemporary design challenges in fresh and original ways. And you will do so under the guidance of faculty members who are experts and opinion leaders in their fields.

At Domus Academy you can make connections that will accelerate your career, be inspired by collaborative projects and develop your skills and talents in a self-directed way. Whether you wish to get a traditional job or launch your own startup company, Domus Academy will make sure you successfully break into the fashion or design industry.

The Visionary School of Design Research and Experience

Learning by Designing
We believe that working on projects is the best way to learn, where learning means seeking, investigating and developing ideas. That’s why 90 %of our curriculum is based on cross-disciplinary workshops.

Currently, more than 50 nationalities are represented in Domus Academy and 93% of our students are International. We believe that a multicultural community offers the best environment to exchange ideas and enrich your knowledge of design; keeping an open mind will help you see and explore a diversity of options, inspirations and concepts with a global perspective.

Faculty Excellence
At Domus Academy, you will work side-by-side with prominent international designers and thought leaders who bring the pulse of the design world into the classroom and share their knowledge of the latest design.

Multidisciplinary Approach
Many of the most innovative design solutions are created by bringing different design tools, skills and perspectives together. You will share your design vision with your international classmates across disciplines and learn to combine their ideas in your own fresh expressions.


In the early Eighties, Milan emerged as the epicenter of Italian design. Yet, no one in the city was teaching design in a formal way. Top art critics and designers recognised an extraordinary opportunity to fill this void and mentor the next generation of designers. In 1982, they founded Domus Academy, Italy’s first postgraduate design school.

The founders envisioned a school where students and faculty members from all over the world could meet and exchange ideas. A school that would aim to enrich, spread, and update the design culture while combining advanced knowledge and visionary projects.

In the early years, leading designers such as Ettore Sottsass, Alessandro Mendini, Denis Santachiara and Philippe Starck were involved as lecturers and workshop leaders. Domus Academy quickly developed a strong reputation on the international stage for its “learning by designing” method and its humanistic approach, which puts process ahead of results, and places human beings as the centre of any project.
Today, Domus Academy continues to involve top names in the design world as mentors and visiting professors. Students are free to express their personalities in a context that promotes both diligence and mistakes as first steps towards creating a successful project. The school has stayed true to one of its founding principles: rather than just offering new solutions, design should also reveal new problems.

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