Digital Strategist: what they do and how to become one

Digital Strategist

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Digital Strategist

Who conducts market analysis to observe competitors and new industry trends? Who sets the goals for digital marketing campaigns? Who creates and manages social media strategies, including advertising campaigns, to increase brand visibility and engage the audience? These and many other tasks within a company are handled by a specific professional figure: the Digital Strategist.

This is a profession that’s becoming increasingly crucial in the world of digital marketing. Generally, these professionals are tasked with developing effective strategies for companies and brands by implementing targeted online activities to achieve specific objectives while managing budgets and resources. The Digital Strategist plays a key role in the digital workplace, specialised in communication and the development of online strategies.

Becoming a Digital Strategist requires a combination of academic training, practical experience, and advanced skills in digital marketing. This professional is essentially an expert in optimising online opportunities and building successful strategies for the client, contributing to ongoing growth in the world of digital marketing.

The path to becoming a Digital Strategist requires solid training and professional skills. It often begins with a degree in marketing or related disciplines, followed by a master’s or specific courses in Interaction Design or similar fields. Continuous education is critical, and many schools offer specific courses to acquire skills in managing competition, analyzing websites, and maintaining both offline and online presence.

Practical experiences such as internships or consulting work help solidify the acquired knowledge.

A Digital Strategist must possess advanced skills in digital marketing, market analysis, SEO, social media management, and copywriting. The Digital Strategist is responsible for responding to market demands by creating online advertising campaigns that add value to the product or service offered. Thus, they must have a perfect understanding of the customer and market dynamics in their sector.

Their expertise involves managing various communication channels, with a focus on SEO strategy and content marketing. Therefore, the ability to develop effective strategies, understand emerging technologies, and analyse data through analytics tools is crucial. Moreover, their role is characterised by the need for experience in understanding user needs, creating engaging videos to distribute across various channels, and constantly developing innovative techniques for product enhancement.

In their role, a Digital Strategist makes extensive use of digital tools such as Google Analytics, marketing automation tools, social platforms, and SEO software. These tools are fundamental for monitoring traffic, optimizing campaigns, and ensuring the success of implemented strategies.

A Digital Strategist can work in various areas, including digital agencies, e-commerce companies, the advertising sector, and consulting. They collaborate with multidisciplinary teams to develop and manage a specific project, contributing to the success and growth of the clients’ business.

Domus Academy offers accredited one-year programmes such as the Master in Interaction Design and the Master in Business Design. Each programme includes a series of practical workshops integrated with theoretical lectures. Students can rely on the assistance of industry professionals who guide them through individual coaching and mentoring sessions.

The combination of accredited courses and real professional projects offers students the opportunity to build a solid academic foundation while gaining practical experience directly linked to their future professional career. An integral part of the Master’s is an internship in a company in the sector, where students can establish important relationships for their career path and gain field experience.

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