Master's in

Urban Vision & Architectural Design

Master's in Urban Vision & Architectural Design
Validated by Regent's University London Logo Final

Language: English

Starting periods: February | September | November


Duration 11 months

Accreditation MUR/Italy



Duration 14 months

Accreditation UK


The Master’s in Urban Vision & Architectural Design programme is workshop-based, supported by seminars, lectures, tutorials, and fieldwork. Industry professionals, the programme leader, and project leaders will guide you via individual coaching and mentorship.

The combination of accredited coursework and real-life professional projects gives students the opportunity to build on their academic foundation, while gaining valuable work experience directly applicable to their future careers.

Students can apply to the Academic Master’s Programme, accredited by the Italian Ministry of Education, or to the Master of Arts degree with an international UK validation.


Graduates of the Academic Master’s Programmes earn a degree that is recognised throughout Europe and the world, receiving an Academic Master’s Degree (60 ECTS credits) accredited by the Italian Ministry of Universities and Research (MUR)*, in addition to a Domus Academy Master’s Diploma.

The programme consists of 5 modules, including a curricular internship and a final project workshop.

* The academic Master’s Degree is awarded by NABA, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti.


From September 2021, Domus Academy will expand the offering for students with the addition of a double award master’s programme path. This will enable student to obtain an Academic Master’s Degree validated by the Italian MUR and a Master of Arts degreewith an international UK validation from Regent’s University London.

Students will be able to integrate the current master programme path consisting of 5 modules including a curricular internship and a final project workshop with additional classes and a more in-depth individual final project.

The UK validation will give students a more international recognition of their study path and the possibility to gain a Master of Arts Degree (90 ECTS) issued by Regent’s University London that will enable them to access to the majority of international PhD programmes.


The Master in Urban Vision & Architectural Design offers new techniques of inquiry into the methods, tools, and topics that define contemporary urban and architectural projects. In this program, you will study design-based strategies for transforming cities and regenerating metropolitan areas.

Taking factors like the environment, social equity, and economic viability into consideration, you will design concepts for private and public spaces and collaborate on projects that define a better urban future.


The programme is addressed to candidates who have a first-level degree and/or professional experience in interior design, product design, architecture, engineering, visual arts, or other related disciplines, who wish to take their careers to the next level in the field of interior design.

All courses are taught in English. A high level of proficiency in the English language is required.


Graduates can find employment in design, architecture, and engineering studios; regional development agencies; urban planning departments; or real estate or construction companies.

Job titles include:

  • Architect
  • Architectural assistant
  • Urban planner
  • Urban designer
  • Project researcher
  • Project manager
  • Landscape architect
  • Landscape designer

The Master’s involves the following costs, in addition to the payment of a degree fee to be paid within one month before the course start date, equal to € 540 for the Academic Master’s Programme and € 650 for the Double Award Master’s Programme.

Matriculation Fee: € 540/650

EU & Switzerland Students Fee i

Academic Master's

€ 19.900

Pre-Enrollment: € 3.000

Tuition: € 16.900

New Fee for Sept 2022 € 21.900

Double Award Master's

€ 21.900

Pre-Enrollment: € 3.000

Tuition: € 18.000

New Fee for Sept 2022 € 23.000

Non-EU Students Fee

Academic Master's

€ 24.900

Pre-Enrollment: € 3.000

Tuition: € 21.900

Double Award Master's

€ 29.000

Pre-Enrollment: € 3.000

Tuition: € 26.000

Meet your faculty
Tim Power
Your programme leader
Tim Power

Tim Power is an architect, designer and researcher. He is the founder of Tim Power Architects, an architecture and design practice founded in 2007, aimed to promote coexistence between society and the environment.

Tim Power
Your Programme Leader
Master’s in Urban Vision & Architectural Design

Tim Power is an architect, designer and researcher. He is the founder of Tim Power Architects, an architecture and design practice founded in 2007, aimed to promote coexistence between society and the environment.

Significant professional experiences include working in the studios of Italian Architects Ettore Sottsass and Superstudio (Cristiano Toraldo di Francia), collaborations with numerous Japanese Architects and designers including Nendo, Sou Fujimoto and Jun Aoki, and competition with well-known architects and landscape architects including Morphosis, SWA and West 8.

Architecure projects include both public and private clients and range from social housing buildings to work place environments.

Interiors have been realised for clients which include Louis Vuitton, Muji, Lexus, and Apple.

Projects in the field of Furniture and Lighting have been realised for manufacturers that include FontanaArte, Oluce, Cassina Interdecor.

His contributions have been presented in both the Biennale of Architecture and the Biennale of Art in Venice. He has taught thesis level design courses in many prestigious universities and lectured in conferences, seminar worldwide.

Academically, his research focus is on design as a responsible act, with specific interest in Environmental, Cultural and Social issues, and the creative hybridization of local and foreign cultural practices.

This research looks at contemporary and environmentally curative strategies, investigating how these strategies, when applied to urban-scapes, can invigorate urban regeneration, social space, stimulate develop economic enterprise and frame cultural situations with care and optimism.

Visiting Professors

Other visiting professors and collaborators include: Luca Astorri, Giovanni Avosani, Gianandrea Barreca, Nina Bassoli, Alessio Battistella, Francesca Benedetto, Matteo Cainer, Elisa Cristiana Cattaneo, Elisa Chiodo, Manfredo di Robilant, Dante Donegani, Fosbury Architecture, Matteo Ghidoni, Guido Incerti, Azzurra Muzzonigro, Walter Nicolino, Fabio Nonis, Manuel Orazi, Gianluca Peluffo, Gaia Piccarolo, Roof Matters, Andrea Rossi, Andrea Vercellotti.

Several prestigious companies and design studios collaborate with the Master's in Urban Vision & Architectural Design, actively participating in courses, workshops, internships, and international competitions organized by the department.
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