Domus Academy is launching a competition for scholarships to support new talents willing to pursue their studies in Design, Fashion, Business and Experience areas at one of most highly ranked Design school in Milan, Italy.

Following its essence as visionary, future-oriented, postgraduate Design school, Domus Academy has always been committed to supporting talents of the future throughout their journey. Domus Academy sets scholarship programmes across the year aimed at rewarding the most talented and deserving students.

From June 10th to August 2nd young talents will be able to apply for the project-based competitions with the opportunity to obtain scholarships covering up to € 8.000 of total tuition fee for the Academic Master and Double Award Master programmes starting in February 2025.

For this edition of the project competitions, applicants will submit works that responds to a specific brief regarding current and future thematic challenges that they might encounter during their Master Degree and professional career.

Candidates to the Master in Business Design will be challenged to examine the social impact initiatives and core values of a B Corp. Master in Fashion Design applicants will choose an existing menswear or womenswear collection and transform it into a genderfluid capsule collection. Candidates to the Master in Fashion Management will think creatively and utilize emerging technologies to devise strategies that not only ensure the relevance of fashion brands and retailers but also foster a positive and sustainable future for the industry.

Aspirants to the Master in Interaction Design will develop innovative design solutions that bolster the capabilities of elderly workers, facilitating their continued engagement and productivity in the workplace. Applicants to the Master in Interior & Living Design will be asked to design a cohesive cafeteria space that embodies sustainable consumption and offers an engaging, educational experience for all visitors. For the Master in Urban Vision & Architectural Design candidates will be asked to propose curative responses by transforming a site of their election into another use, be it ecological, social, or cultural.

Candidates to the Master in Luxury Brand Management will be challenged to harness the power of data-driven insights to create luxury experiences that drive brand growth and increase market share in the luxury sectors of various industries. Applicants to the Master in Product Design will design a modular system of accessories and containers to organize desks, shelves, and rooms while prioritizing sustainable principles, adaptability, and user-friendliness. Master in Service Design candidates will face the challenge of rethinking the return processes of online shopping to align with sustainability goals.

Aspirants to the Master in Visual Brand Design will be choosing a company and delving into the specifics of its rebranding journey to finally understand whether the strategy were successful and effective. Master in Fashion Styling & Visual Merchandising candidates will be asked to design innovative and creative visual content that captures an aspect of “Responsible Fashion” in visual communication.

Take the chance and apply within August 2nd, 2024!

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