Students willing to take on the challenge can measure themselves by applying to the following competitions: the project-based competition or the portfolio competition.

For the project competitions, our faculty consisting of talented international professionals, put together different briefs starting from current challenges and themes students might face during the Masters.

The works developed by candidates for the Masters in Fashion Styling & Visual Merchandising will envision a ‘glocal’ visual strategy to integrate the visual identity of a brand of their choice with particular elements of their own country. Master in Fashion Design applicants will design an innovative drop fashion collection.

Master in Luxury Brand Management and Master in Fashion Management candidates will propose a customer-centric experience through omnichannel pillars. Master in Visual Brand Design candidates will design a new communication campaign to communicate diversity and inclusivity. Master in Business Design aspirant will choose and analyze a crowdfunding project that has been successful in the past 5 years. Master in Interior & Living Design applicants will envision a modern office space taking into account the current and future needs of employees. Master in Urban Vision & Architectural Design aspirants will depict a response to the timeless question of how we want our cities to be and which are the livable cities we imagine. Master in Service Design candidates will propose services and solutions for reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Master in Interaction Design aspirant will design a concept for a digital solution capable of helping people manage the data they share during the daily use of digital devices. Master in Product Design applicants will design a series of new food/drink containers for new eating experiences.

The portfolio competition is open to candidates who have a first-level academic degree and/or strong background and experience in the fields of Fashion, Design, Architecture, Visual Arts, Communication and Business, as well as junior professionals working or willing to work in creative industries fields.

Check all the entry requirements, do not miss this chance and apply within October 7th 2022!

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