Project Leader | Mentor

Project Leader: Dante Donegani
Project Mentors: Elisa Poli, Aoi Hasegawa
Project Assistant: Giovanni Maria Filastro

Project Authors

Karin Kara,
Charvi Reddy,
Chumo Wang,
Manuhita Gupta

Algae Rhythm
Algae Rhythm
Algae Rhythm
The foundations of the cities of the future

Students designed an ecosystem capable of establishing a two-way relationship between man and nature in the urban landscape, through a sensorial experience.  They propose two types of structures: the first acts as a collector of rainwater and wastewater, while the second is composed by a central column inside which the collected algae are processed for the production and release oxygen. The latter structure is developed from the roof of the building to the ground floor, providing clean air to each floor and absorbing CO2, purifying all environments.

Temperature, air quality and acoustic environment are the main requirements to define a comfortable environment. This project aims to rationalise energy consumption and achieve environmental comfort. Moreover with the continuous urbanisation of the territory, Algae Rhythm can be the starting point for the increase of self-sufficient infrastructure in the cities of tomorrow.

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