Project Leader | Mentor

Pietro Ferrario

Project Authors

Shrutkirti Supekar
Roxana Cortinas
Shao Yang Wu
PoYu Tsai

7th Floor Village
7th Floor Village
7th Floor Village
A Transformative Design

“7th Floor Village” offers a transformative design where students can personalise their living spaces around shared bathroom facilities. They have the freedom to construct their rooms around these communal facilities, selecting from various modular options to create layouts tailored to their preferences. The construction system uses stainless steel frameworks, OSB boards, and a floor grid, ensuring both structural integrity and flexibility. The project prioritises sustainability by employing recycled materials, such as OSB boards for walls and ceilings, and recycled plastic tiles for bathrooms, promoting environmental awareness and resource efficiency.

Additionally, students are encouraged to engage in a collaborative design process, experimenting with different configurations and spatial arrangements to suit their lifestyles and needs. Each room reflects its occupant’s personality and preferences, fostering a sense of ownership and belonging within the larger community.

In this way, “7th Floor Village” embodies the spirit of collaboration and innovation, setting a new standard for student housing and co-living experiences.

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