Project Leader | Mentor

Marco Donati

Project Authors

Likhita Dhavileswarapu
Janvi Sharma
Laura Catalina Galavis Novoa

NMWM Museum
NMWM Museum
NMWM Museum
A series of luxurious spaces

The museum’s layout is meticulously designed to guide visitors through a series of luxurious spaces, each dedicated to one of the four pillars: nutrition, movement, wellness, and medicine. Through interactive displays, sensory experiences, and multimedia presentations, visitors are encouraged to actively engage and gain knowledge. Natural elements, such as living green walls, indoor rivers and mountains, and canopies of cell clusters, are seamlessly integrated throughout the museum.

These features promote a connection with nature and enhance the sensory experience, fostering a sense of tranquillity. Not only do these elements create a visually stunning environment, but they also contribute to visitors’ overall well-being by providing a calming and immersive atmosphere.

The museum is poised to attract individuals seeking a holistic and luxurious wellness experience, whether they aim to learn, rejuvenate, or escape daily stresses. Its educational focus on self-care and well-being aligns with the increasing emphasis on mental and physical health, making it an asset for Clinique Le Prairie and a potential source of revenue and brand differentiation.

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