Having grown up in the United States, completed a Bachelor’s in Industrial Design at the University of Buenos Aires in Argentina, and later earned a Master in Business Design at Domus Academy in Italy (graduating with distinction), Laura Inés Politi embodies the essence of cultural diversity.

During her five-year experience as a young program manager at frog Milano, she has thrived in the fields of industrial designdesign researchstrategy, and digital design. Her expertise in program management ranges from market-leading companies to startups, from healthcare and finance industries to consumer electronics and entertainment.

Frog Milano’s motto is “Form follows emotion,” as it seeks to “choreograph cultural change through design.” The company worked with Sony in the 70s to develop the first standalone TV set and the Walkman.

Before Domus Academy, she worked as an industrial designer in Buenos Aires at the companies Cyon, muchnik design, and Peope. She is part of the main team of Creative Mornings Milano, an open community that promotes creativity and inspirational networking through face-to-face monthly events.

Laura Ines Politi

“Domus Academy has been a great experience and a key step in my professional career. Coming from a background in industrial design, I felt I was missing out on the ‘big picture’ of the projects I was working on.”

“The Master in Business Design at Domus Academy has provided me with the unique possibility to go beyond my original training and broaden my horizons toward new and unexplored fields. It is also thanks to Domus Academy that I first got in touch with frog, allowing me to later apply for a position. I currently lead teams at frog as program manager.”

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