Tailored & On Demand Courses

Future based Innovation

Short courses, with a learning by doing approach, for companies, students and institutions who wish to enhance their own study and work path with a highly constructive experience.

  • Cross-disciplinary
  • Customised programme
  • “Learning by design” approach
Course Options

Domus Academy tailored courses consist of customised programmes designed for companies, institutions and university student groups starting from their specific learning needs and timeframe requirements.

These dedicated pathways follow Domus Academy learning methodology with the aim of boosting knowledge and skills.


These intensive short courses, made of lectures, visits and case histories held by professionals and company testimonials, are structured precisely to drive students and professionals to build a sensitive professional soul on a solid, strategic design basis.

The current course catalogue includes:

  • Fashion Omnichannel Communication Strategies
  • Luxury and Lifestyle Management
  • Italian Design Culture and Contexts
  • Architectural Design: Concepts and Contexts
  • Visual Merchandising Experience
  • Fashion Management Methods and Tools
  • Interior Design Methods and Tools
  • Urban and Landscape Design: Shared Territories
  • Service Design Methods and Tools
  • Futures Based Innovation
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