Christopher was born in Jakarta, Indonesia.
From his childhood, he was always fascinated by creative works. His father was an engineer and this has influenced his passion and interest in architecture and interior design.

He gained Architecture Bachelor Degree at Tarumanagara University in Jakarta, after that he started to work for an architecture and interior design studio for 1 year afterward before he moved to Milan to pursue his Post-Graduate studies. In 2012 he applied for one of the scholarships offered, joining the Master in Fashion Styling & Visual Merchandising at Domus Academy. The move to Milan was decisive for Christopher; he had the opportunity to come into contact with some of the leading figures in the Fashion Industry, beginning his career in the retail field.

In 2013 he came back to Indonesia to apply for one of the most important retail companies in Indonesia, Masari Group. He started in the Masari Group as a Junior Visual Merchandiser and Project with a team of 3 people, currently, he has a team of 9 colleagues to manage more than 25 stores in Indonesia. The company portfolio includes Hermès, Lanvin, Givenchy, Rodo, Petit Bateau, Masari, Glow, and Under Armour. The main tasks of his work are to regularly manage the store display, develop store and retail projects, produce and plan various events for the entire group.

Working as a Visual Merchandiser and designing Retail Projects he was able to combine both Architecture and Interior Design studies.

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