Alessia Xoccato has been feeding her passion for fashion since her youngest age inside the family company, where she started experimenting with materials and shapes. After earning her Master in Fashion Design at Domus Academy in 2007, she began gaining professional experience in design departments and consultancies for prestigious national and international companies.

At the same time, Alessia started developing capsule collections. She won the Next Generation competition in 2009, showed her work on the catwalk of Milan Fashion Week, and was selected by the National Chamber of Fashion at the Toronto L’Oreal Fashion Week. Alessia’s project became more concrete when she founded her own label in 2010, presenting her collections in the most important fairs of Milan and Paris. Vogue Italia highlighted her brand in its Vogue Talents seasonal project.

Made in Italy design, creativity, and quality are foundational elements of her investigation. A study of altered geometries, of shapes and volumes, of relationships between body and space, characterizes her experimental approach to constructing an item of clothing. With an essential, fresh, and international aesthetic, she defines the proportion of the silhouette and chooses fabrics and other materials.

Alessia views each item of clothing like a person who needs to be deeply comprehended and studied from different perspectives. Each item is created to be special and preserved rather than following an ephemeral trend. She creates with the image of a certain woman in mind: one who is transversal in age and who expresses a conscious femininity and a subdued sensuality.

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