Adi has always been inspired by people characterized by a distinct personality, influencing his individual aesthetic. His inspiration comes from everything around him, focusing on unique and interesting people in the fashion scene, through their multiple expressions, from their dresses, hairstyles, shoes and accessories.

In his works, he combines commonplace objects and enthralling childhood memories, as identity-preservation, young spirits, and youth movement through art and music. In particular, youth groups in each era insisted on manifesting their ideology and identity through music, poetry, culture, and art, these are some of the elements which he uses to create the wearable garments in his collection.


Adi takes his memories passionately, such as classic items that can tell distinctly fashion stories in different eras, and brings it all together and conveys it in solid identity garments that are attractive and ready to wear.


“After I graduated from my BA in my country, I always felt like there was something missing.
I am so little and stuck here in my very small fashion world and I need to explore. Domus Academy was a place where I discovered myself through my personality, and creativity, and finally knew what I really wanted to do with all my love and passion for the fashion industry.

I’m so grateful for the opportunity and the dedicated work of the teachers and staff who helped me through my year at Domus Academy to become who I am as a fashion designer today.”

Fashion Courses
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