Following his practical training and initial professional experiences at Michael Hopkins Architects in London, he moved to Milan to study the Master Program in Design at Domus Academy, developing his overall interest in design and architecture.

After completing the course he started his long term collaboration with Michele De Lucchi, founder of Studio and Partners, which he helped lead until 2010. He re-entered the De Lucchi (aMDL) Studio in 2009 and continued to head different project teams.

Nicholas Bewick projects
Nicholas Bewick projects
Nicholas Bewick projects

Discover the exclusive projects created by Nicholas Bewick during his professional career.

Nicholas Bewick

“Athough the idea to undertake Domus Academy course was initially considered a ‘sabatical’ year away from the UK it was obvious from the beginning that would become much more, and considering I am still here after more than 25 years it had a huge impact on my whole life. Apart from the friendships and introduction to ‘the Italian way’ Domus Academy opened the door to a different kind of professional situation that was free from the precise titles – architect, interior designer, product designer etc found in many other countries. For me personally this was very important it suited my nature and character and allowed me to participate in a wide range of project experiences. I undoubtedly feel more ‘complete’ even more ‘prepared’ to undertake different types of work. Having recently returned to teach at Domus Academy it is interesting to make comparisons, the world is much more multi-cultural and nomadic, and one continues to ask how all these young minds can have the same fantastic chances that I have had to participate not only in the world of contemporary Italian design but also internationally. Thank you Domus Academy.”

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