She also collaborated with Antonio Petrillo, Clino Trini Castelli, Anna Gili, and Alessandro Mendini. As a freelance designer she currently collaborates with several Italian and international clients. She is also external researcher at the LNU University in Sweden and at the Laboratorio Colore (Color Lab) within the Indaco Department at Politecnico di Milano, where she teaches classes in the field of Design and color.

Monica Moro

“Fascinated by the title of the exhibit Lost in translation, and even with movement of emotions I rethink my experiences at Domus Academy. Fascinated because I grew up on the line of the unstable encounter of two different cultures and languages, southern and northern. I have lived and I have experienced so many times the process of loosing and as many times the enrichment that comes on the path of a project. I am moved by the encounter of new people and realities and above all a new dimension in the design thinking that occurred there. Everything was originated there at Domus Academy, the pain, the joy and sometimes (rarely) the enlightment and, I wasn’t ready for this, the internal transformation of facing and looking at the project, the other one and the world. In reality I think that the enjoyment of the designer is the path between the idea to the final product.”

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