Project Leader | Mentor

Azzurra Muzzonigro,
Tim Power

Project Authors

Fernando Carrera

Symbiosis Campus
Symbiosis Campus
Symbiosis Campus

In his project Symbiosis Campus, Fernando Carrera focuses on how underused railway yards can profit as an opportunity for redefining a possible coexistence between diverse species in the city. He started by analyzing that by 2050, two-thirds of the world’s population is expected to live in cities. This means that 7 billion people will inhabit super dense urban landscapes.

His project consists in burying the train tracks in a system of galleries and then gradually turning the railway yards into reserves for biodiversity with a programmatic diversity that responds to the demand of the city or the immediate context. This will generate a green highway allowing diverse animal species to wander freely towards the center of the city and between the different railway yards. The main value of this project is to envision a different type of city and urban planning away from the anthropocentric approach.

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