The winery company Massimago will involve the students of the Master in Luxury Brand Management to create a brand strategy, designing a rich and deep inspirational customer experience, envisioning an experiential luxury destination related to culture, tradition and nature.

Within the Master in Interior & Living Design new living scenarios and emotional impact will be explored in collaboration with Valcucine. Students will design innovative display systems and elements in the retail and showroom context.

The students of the Master in Product Design, within the Advanced Design & Processes workshop, will take part to the open competition IDEASxWOOD, together with TABU, the Italian excellence company in wood dyeing technology.

The innovative food e-commerce Cortilia has challenged students of the Master in Visual Brand Design to develop new scenarios and concepts for the global brand identity, through the communication experience and the packaging design.

The students of the Master in Business Design, during the Entrepreneurship through Design workshop, will develop design strategies to launch new startups.

GetYourGuide, the globally leading online booking marketplace for unforgettable travel experiences, will guide students of the Master in Service Design nd the Master in Interaction Design to design experiences for users in the year 2042, looking to the future of technology and investigating our relationship with information, communication tools, relational spaces, and interactive objects and services.

Students of the Master in Urban Vision & Architectural and the Master in Interaction Design, will analyse the city of Prato as case study, focusing on the relationships between nature, ecological systems, cities, actions, politics and behaviours. Students will investigate landscape and urban design through the implementation of specific strategies: political and environmental studies, social and collective studies, landscape vision and ecological configuration, to advance personal and group abilities in the field of the design of public space.

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