Collaborating with Chicco, students from the Master in Product Design, are asked to design tools for outdoor experiences with babies and young children. The project should emphasise the opportunity to address these challenges through thoughtful and practical products, focusing on simplicity, ease of use, minimalism, and functionality, with particular attention to safety and sustainability.

Slam Jam will present students from the Master in Fashion Management with two challenges: first, to redesign the SLAM JAM shopping experience through a comprehensive analysis of the current customer journey across both online and offline platforms; and second, to develop a concept for a new private label under the SLAM JAM brand.

In the Experience Design & Design of Spaces workshop, the students from the Masters in Interior & Living Design, Interaction Design and Service Design of Domus Academy are asked to design interior spaces and whole experience of entrance hall of the Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia and food-picnic area or museum shop. This project calls for a sustainable redesign that respects the building’s historical integrity while enhancing the museum’s functionality to accommodate a diverse audience spectrum.

In collaboration with the renowned magazine L’Officiel, students in the Fashion Styling & Visual Merchandising Master programme will have a unique opportunity to become integral contributors to the magazine. They will create an innovative advertorial fashion content, deviating from conventional fashion editorials by focusing on bespoke and tailored projects. For students in the Master in Fashion Design, they will instead be asked to work on their individual collection project.

Students from the Master in Visual Brand Design will collaborate with Comune di Milano to address air pollution and raise awareness about environmental and public health. Throughout the workshop, they will engage with citizens and develop a multi-channel communication strategy aimed at generating a response and fostering meaningful interaction.

Within the Entrepreneurship through Design workshop, students of the Master in Business Design are required to create an original and innovative business model. This involves conducting comprehensive research and brand analysis, which they will present professionally to industry experts.

For the workshop of the Master in Urban Vision & Architectural Design, students will be tasked with reimagining the 10-acre site in central Rome. They will focus on themes such as flora, fauna, hydrology, industrial archaeology, climatic risks (including stormwater, heat island effect, and air quality), and envisioning a multi-species coexistence in the collective urban future of Ancient Rome.

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