Collaborating with Peck, students from the Master in Service Design and Luxury Brand Management, are asked to devise forward-thinking solutions that resonate with current market trends while enhancing Peck’s offerings.  This involves exploring the development of new micro-services or revitalising existing ones, along with developing a comprehensive communication strategy.

RITUALS will challenge the students from the Masters in Visual Brand Design and Business Design with a new project to launch a new retail marketing strategy, in order to attract, engage and guide the customer to stores by a “new experience”.

In the Envisioning workshop of the Product Design Master’s programme, students will cooperate with CAIMI to create design proposals for innovative office furniture, focusing on creating an intelligent office environment that enhances productivity and communication in the workplace.

Collaborating with the renowned luxury brand BAV TAiLOR, students in the Fashion Design Master’s programme will develop a personalised and comprehensive capsule collection. The objective is to craft a contemporary and sustainable collection, paving the way for innovative solutions.

Students from the Master in Urban Vision & Architectural Design will collaborate with the initiative HouseEurope! and their European wide ECI legislation efforts to boost the renovation of existing buildings and stop their demolition for new construction driven by speculation.

Within the Retail Innovation and Omnichannel Design Strategy workshop, students of the Master in Interior & Living Design are challenged to develop original and innovative scenarios for retail shops. These scenarios will feature experimental designs focused on enhancing the brand’s new experience and incorporating the latest technology.

During the Tangible Interaction workshop, students of the Master in Interaction Design are tasked with creating innovative, playful, and meaningful interactions that surpass the current paradigm of assistants, thus imagining alternative trajectories for the evolution of AI hardware products and contemporary AI principles.Inizio modulo

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