Francesca Tabor: disrupting design with generative AI

Francesca Tabor

What are the implications of Generative AI in the field of Design, Fashion & Business? We discussed it together with Francesca Tabor, Educator & Generative AI Consultant. Discover more.

Francesca Tabor has more than 15 years of experience at the intersection of emerging technologies, creative industries, and business strategy. She has been featured as a speaker at events like the Global Sports Tech Summit, LVMH, Digital Fashion Week, AI World Fair, Data Summit, IAPP Europe Data Protection Congress and many more.

Going from the tool that would have helped people in accelerating processes by avoiding all the repetitive and operative tasks to the added value that can mix creativity and productivity, AI is (or can be) a precious element for teams and professionals in all the areas.

What is happening now in its usage as its application exploded in diffusion? Francesca Tabor has given us an overview of the current creative applications of generative AI plus some golden suggestions of tools that can revolutionise talents’ creative work.

Generative AI can bring new worlds into reality, aiding designers in visualising scenarios according to a precise product storytelling. It also contributes to the creation of new products and packaging. For instance, the next packaging for your favorite French fries could be inspired by AI. Francesca explained that this is happening for real as several snack brands or fast-food chains brands are using AI to get inspired and innovate packages to reduce their environmental impact.

Among all the things it can do, ChatGPT can also act like your CFO and evaluate the feasibility and pros or cons of financial moves like collaborations with other brands (it can also draft the contracts for these collaborations).

Moreover, according to Francesca’s research, the numerous AI-writing assistant tools allow businesses to assess the style and expertise (potentially) of all of them and select the best fit for their brand voice and target.

Turning sketches into actual designs, speeding up the creative process through an online analysis of trends and celebrities’ influencing outfits but also producing accurate catwalk demos are all things that creatives in fashion can do with generative AI.

As for Francesca’s investigation, the cost of digital products will be close to zero as all the fields start to use them and the time and effort needed to create them will always be smaller.


Francesca Tabor participated as a guest speaker in Domus Academy’s ‘Disrupting Patterns Talks’ series – a dynamic, interdisciplinary lecture series that explores innovation across various design-related topics. Watch the full video and relive the interview!

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