His trajectory included working in cities such as Milano, Torino, London, Vienna, New York, and the innovative San Francisco Bay Area. His role as a Product/UX Designer has encompassed impactful engagements with esteemed institutions, including Domus Academy Research Center and a repertoire of industry giants such as Apple, Google, Facebook, PayPal, Cisco, and Nissan SV Research Center. Additionally, his creative contributions have extended to collaborations with dynamic startups that continue to shape the landscape of innovation.

The foundation of his design methodology rests upon consistent contact and understanding of users and their contextual environment. This approach is underpinned by the core principles of interaction design, learnt during his tenure at Domus Academy.

Victor Zambrano

“Domus Academy gave me invaluable design tools to become the best designer I could. Not only it widened my vision of design to include the impact and influence of all arts, crafts, and design processes, but ultimately shaped my perspective of design by focusing it on services and outcomes beyond products and outputs, and by showing me the vital importance of keeping design always centred in the human experience”.

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