Since 2010 a crucial aspect of his professional and research activity is the design and methodological investigation of the light, the relationship and interrelation between light and materials. He designs lighting systems for architectures and urban spaces, interior and product design for important Italian and foreign companies.

Silvio De Ponte projects
Silvio De Ponte projects
Silvio De Ponte projects

Discover the exclusive projects created by Silvio De Ponte during his professional career.

Silvio de ponte

“Domus Academy left a strong mark in my cultural, personal and professional path. The reflections, arguments, encounters and comparisons with the professors and the tutors of that time with my classmates with multicultural origins, living day by day with my mates and friends, all of this has changed me deeply as a person and as a designer. Domus Academy hasn´t been simply a school, to describe it like that would be extremely restrictive. It has been a laboratory, a place where you could express yourself in comparison with the others and where you can find yourself as well… It allowed me to understand and to comprehend things, to look at things surrounding me with new eyes… Through Domus Academy I could dig deeper and direct my interests and my work towards lighting design. I remember, about Domus Academy, its lights, the smell of the black rubber floors that squeaked as you walked over them allowing you to capture the dimensions of the space.”

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