Shweta Kaushik born in Mumbai, India, founded her interior design studio SK.ID in 2010.

Having an Interior Design background, she decided to broaden her skills pursuing a Master’s in Product Design at Domus Academy in 2007.

Shweta Kaushik is most notably known for its restaurant and bar projects and takes pride in her ability to create relevant interiors with a fresh perspective that uniquely reflect the client’s personality and desires.
Her work has been featured in prestigious periodicals such as Surface Magazine (NY), Architectural Digest and Better Interiors UAE, she has been listed as one of the iGen Top 50 young innovative designers by Architect and Interiors India and recipient of Best Hospitality Design at the Aces of Spaces Awards 2012. She has also been featured in Yahoo! Lifestyle’s Fab & Fearless women in India.

Shweta Kaushik projects
Shweta Kaushik projects
Shweta Kaushik projects

Discover the exclusive projects created by Shweta Kaushik during her professional career.

Shweta Kaushik

“What attracted me to Domus Academy was the access to brilliant minds of the design world who I only read about in books and magazines. To be able to listen to them and interact with them was a dream come true. Domus Academy attracts students from around the world and gave me the opportunity to work with my peers who were from different cultural backgrounds. This allowed me to understand different viewpoints and approaches to design which I still permeate my practice today.”

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