After graduating in Japan at Tama Art University in Tokyo, Shinobu Ito obtained a Master degree in Product Design at Domus Academy in Milan.

From 1988 to 1995 she worked in Japan for CBS Sony (Sony Music Entertainment), engaging in design and marketing activities. Since then she has been working between Milan and Tokyo as a consultant for important companies. She also works as a graphic and interior designer and is involved in marketing activities.

She has great experience in interior and furniture design, leading projects from conception to implementation. Her attention to detail and her approach to design from a female perspective are aspects of her widely appreciated work and highly valued by her clients.

Some of her pieces are included in the permanent collection of the Triennale in Milan. She has received various awards such as “The Good Design Award 2001″ (Japan),”The Toyama Product Design Award 2001” (Japan) and the “ADI Design Index 2001, 2005” (Italy).

Shinobu Ito projects
Shinobu Ito projects
Shinobu Ito projects

Discover the exclusive projects created by Shinobu Ito during her professional career.

Shinobu Ito

“Domus Academy is capable of developing concentrated and aggressive workshops, facts that surprise me for the equilibrium maintained between these two approaches. For me as a Japanese, this was a very interesting and exciting experience I have never seen before. Domus Academy was the proper school for me and for my feelings of that period. Not only studying and deepening various fields but improving my cultural knowledge, thus experience and education was primary for me; moreover you get to connect with people of other nationalities and cultures completely different from yours, which enables you to project your own cultural identity onto theirs and vice versa, thus learning one from each other. Currently I am an international designer based between Milan and Tokyo, who works with a vast range of design fields that could vary from object to space. Domus Academy was very important and helpful for my career as an International Designer. Happy 30 years of activity for Domus Academy!”

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