Appointed Nike’s Director of Digital Innovation in 2005, Tagliabue is known for designing innovative, wearable products like NikePlus that blur the boundaries between physical and digital. The firm has produced one successful product story after another, including Microsoft Courier UX, Motorola Droid Home UI, Mindswarm, Jawbone UP, and the new Unstuck app.

It helped fuel LunaTik’s sensational Kickstarter campaign, and is currently working on a number of new projects.

Roberto Tagliabue

“It was 1992, the first Interaction Design Master at Domus Academy.  There, on the roof of a building in Milanofiori, we were learning about the internet, the email, the browser and discovering how to envision and design new digital devices that would improve and transform our lives. There I learnt that designing innovative digital experiences means to go beyond making technology do more, last longer, weigh less or go faster. I learned that it is about understanding how devices and services fit into people’s lives. The perfect experience is a carefully planned consumer journey. It has been a life changing experience.”

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