Priyal Sood is an Interior Designer by profession, a writer and content creator by passion.

After completing a bachelor in Interior Design and Management in India, Priyal worked as an interior designer for two years during which she started one of the first few architecture and design blogs called “Rendezvous of Aesthetics”.

Priyal moved to Milan in 2018 to attend the Master’s in Interior and Living Design at Domus Academy. She was introduced to the concept and profession of Design Journalism through an internship with the globally renowned magazine DesignWanted.

After graduating, Priyal got hired by the multinational lighting company Delta Light and moved to Miami, Florida. At present, her current role gives her the opportunity to network with architects and designers in the U.S.

Meanwhile, Priyal is also the editor for two design magazines: DesignWanted based in Milan and Scale Design based in Doha. Thanks to her experiences and the contacts, she was encouraged to establish Rendezvous of Aesthetics, a Public Relations and Business Development venture dedicated specifically to architects, designers and photographers.

Priyal Sood was recognised as one of the “Women Entrepreneurs” on the platform “Heel the World” and she featured on the online platform Wonder Woman for young entrepreneurs.

Priyal Sood

“Domus Academy added finesse to my existing skills and introduced me to my own hidden competences.”

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