He gained experience working for Philippe Starck and Stefano Giovannoni for 5 years on a very wide range of projects for internationally renowned companies such as Target, Alessi, Laufen, Oras, Inda, Magis, Deborah, Lavazza, Hannspree, Nissan, Helit, Siemens, Modo, Ycami and Felice Rossi.

In 2004, he founded Studio Gooris in Milan, making product and concept design for companies all over the globe, including Alessi, Ferrero, Target, Levis, JC Penny, Foreverlamp, Oras, EQ3, among others.

In 2009 he cofounds Bombol, a company for design oriented baby furniture. In search for new horizons, in 2010, he moved to Hong Kong and opened Studio Gooris Ltd.

Frederic Gooris Projects
Frederic Gooris Projects
Frederic Gooris Projects

Discover the exclusive projects created by Frederic Gooris during his professional career.

Frederic Gooris

“Educated to be an engineer, I was very hungry to understand the Italian ability of translating poetry into its products, and Domus Academy is probably one of the best design banquets I have ever attended. Being in touch with true masters of design, important international artists, and surrounded by very talented co-students, it all contributed to opening my hard shelled mind set like a coconut.”

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