Eray Alan is a service and interaction designer for Fjord in New York. Originally from Istanbul, he earned his Bachelor’s in Industrial Engineering at Istanbul Technical University. He worked in online marketing and interaction design before earning his Master in Interaction Design at Domus Academy.

During his master’s course, Eray worked on projects with Park Hyatt Milan, MIT Mobile Experience Lab, Experientia, Samsung, Umania, RCS Media Group, and Love Therapy.

After graduating from Domus Academy, he worked as an interaction designer at RCS MediaGroup and as a user experience designer at Bitmama in Milan.

In 2015, Eray moved to New York to work as a senior service and interaction designer with Fjord, a company that focuses on Living Services—digital experiences that are responsive to the user and the environment, able to shape-shift and renew themselves to remain relevant.

In this capacity, Eray works with international corporations to envision service design strategies and design digital products. He is active in all phases of the design process and presents work to all levels. During his first two years in New York, Eray continued to serve as a visiting lecturer at Domus Academy.

Eray Alan

“Domus Academy was my first step into the design world. I had the chance to work on interesting and challenging projects with very talented students from all over the world. It was definitely a strong first step!”

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