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Sergio Vergara

Master in Product Design
Country: Colombia
Year of Graduation: 2010
Current role: Creative Director at Zientte


Sergio Vergara is a Colombian industrial designer and product designer.

With more than twelve years of experience he has an innate talent for creating beauty through products that enhance and transform spaces into inspirational surroundings.

Sergio received his academic training at Domus Academy where he got his Master’s degree in Product Design. Since then, Vergara has been devoted to his evolving style and a particular aesthetic that he calls: “Tropical essentialism”, which is inspired by his native Colombia and its exuberant nature; mixed with his passion for simple yet refined design.

Sergio is based in Colombia, where he is currently creative director for the brands: ZIENTTE and BOMBOX.


“Domus Academy gave me a deep understanding of the Italian way of doing things, which is present in each one of my creations”.

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