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Daniela Archiutti

Master in Product Design
Country: Italy
Year of Graduation: 1998
Current role: Architect and designer, Veneta Cucine


Daniela Archiutti, architect and designer, was born in Treviso in 1969. She graduated in architecture in 1997 and in 1998 attended the Master in Product Design at Domus Academy, where she developed a thesis on the creation of a new brand represented by “a shoe”, under the mentorship of Andrea Branzi.

The following year she attended a design seminar within the new Industrial Design course at Domus Academy, once again with Andrea Branzi and Michele Zini.

In 1999 she moved back to Treviso where she became product designer at Veneta Cucine, where, since 2006 she has been Art Director. Her commitment with Veneta Cucine does not limit her research activity: since 2000 she especially follows a product line that shows her approach and design vision.

Since 2010 she has been managing and coordinating a creative lab focusing on art and design right downtown Treviso. The lab hosts and shows the work of young artists and emerging designers. Within this context, she developed her work “Memorie”.


“My arrival at Domus Academy was desired and designed to happen, before becoming absolutely phagocytised I always felt a “strange” person, even lonely and under heard. A part of me was often left quiet and because of it, very vulnerable. With my arrival in Milan everything changed, the passion I have always felt and the inner strength that was handed over to me was fundamental; and since then each one of ‘my sentiments’ is the foundation of my work.”

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