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Summer Courses 2017

Domus Academy Summer Courses are intensive courses specific on those themes of design fields that are extremely topical and challenging for university students and young professionals keen on enhancing knowledge and skills with the objective to open new perspectives for the business implementation.

The workshops structure, made of lectures and case histories held by professionals and company’s testimonials, completed by practical trainings, enables students to invest their time into an intensive experience, an “open mind” deepening into those design issues that are essential for the different fields.

Domus Academy Summer Courses 2017 are tailored mainly for recent graduates and young professionals keen on building a sensitive professional soul on solid, strategic design basis.

These courses offer a unique opportunity to combine the knowledge of the Project Culture, which has made so great the Made in Italy design way, with the possibility to put into practice the tools, methodologies and strategies of this approach to design.


Duration 3 weeks
Dates July 10th – July 30th 2017
Language English
Tuition Fee  € 2,500

Digital Strategy for Creative Industries

Digital platforms today are redefining the way users consume content and interact with brands. Companies today can no longer rely on the old mediascape (tv, radio, magazines or newspapers) to communicate their values and products; the on-line world leads the market, and digital strategies are essential to deliver experience capable of intersecting the new and ever changing customers’ desires and expectations.


Through a user centered approach, this course has the objective to give the students a toolkit to design a complete on-line design strategy.

Starting with a real brand, the students will go through three different phases:

  • They will analyze the target and the reference market and the values of the given brand;
  • Discover the several communication channels;
  • Designing and prototyping a meaningful and contemporary digital strategy.


The course is open to brand designers, marketers, interaction designers, journalists, storytellers, product designers, fashion designers.

Living Design the day after tomorrow: 3.0 Design

Every day we hear and read news related to the rapid changes of our living environment. Every day we use new technologies to make our actions simpler and more effective. Every day we combine technology with actions that we perform in the living spaces.
But do we really know how these aspects of everyday life can affect a living space? Can we imagine objects, environments and experiences suited to a rapidly changing world who’s economic values are not that of the previous century? Are we ready to deal with the recent environmental disasters, such as earthquakes, or with the multiple migrations linked to international conflicts that have changed the surface of our places? Are we ready to rethink the way of living spaces as well as our needs?

Driven by those effective questions we have imagined a workshop where it will be possible not only to reflect but also to design new public places, work and leisure ambient, private and intimate spaces, objects and services made for a 3.0 generation.


Students are invited to reflect on how social media and new technologies can intervene in the definition of more consistent and effective living environments. The course objective is to arrive at a real project for the inhabitants of a new environment where mobility and flexibility are also experienced through the place, objects and public spaces.


The course is open to product designers, interior designers, architects, urban planners, landscapers and everybody involved in related fields.

Smart Accessories

Information and technologies are becoming an integral part of all industries transforming and integrating it into human daily life. The convergence of fashion and technology is creating one of the most exciting areas of exploration: the fashion urban tech in which design and material innovation, interaction and emotional connection work together in the creation of smart accessories and wearable tech. The development and transformation of fashion trough technology redefines the challenging intersection of construction, style and experience leading to new contemporary objects designed both as innovative devices and engaging fashion accessories.


The course intends to investigate the fashion tech field, from 3D printing technology and new materials to interactive and emotional contents, with a specific approach to the world of accessories aiming to ideate and develop concepts of innovative fashion products.


The course is open to product designers, fashion designers, interaction designers and creative technologists.

Consumer Experience Design

Every fashion brand that exists aims to deliver a superior product, service and experience to their target customers. But what makes customers tick? What happens inside people’s minds that creates meaningful connections to a product or a brand? Linking Consumer Behaviour with Psychology, the course enables participants to see consumer identity, product and brand as inter-related entities on a cognitive and emotional level and to understand how introducing individual stimuli in one area engages a broad range of inter-connected thinking, feeling and acting modes in others.

The course participants are placed in a position to understand and reconfigure the tools (mechanisms, narrative and visual language) that shape consumer experience so that they are in a position to better understand and, consequently, to achieve a higher level of engagement from their clients. Increased awareness and ability-coupled with an ethical duty for integrity in action-lead to an improved ability in designing more effective means of connecting with consumers at a deeper, more meaningful level (through the construct of a product, a service or an advertising campaign).


The course is aimed at enhancing understanding and skills in key areas, such as: psychology of fashion consumption, selfreflection, empathetic analysis, creative thinking, experiential design.


This ground-breaking course is specifically designed for Marketing, Business and Design professionals in the Fashion / Design areas as well as newcomers to the industry with an interest in creating a superior customer experience for their customers.


Admission Requirements

  • All classes are held in English, so a fluent understanding of the English language is required;
  • Please carefully read the course descriptions before applying to a course as Domus Academy will not take any responsibility for the students’ choice of a course level that is not suitable to their background and skills.
  • Domus Academy can accept bookings from students from 18 years of age.
  • We strongly suggest students to bring their personal equipment, as indicated prior to the course beginning.

Tuition Fees

€ 2,500 for each session

  • The fees include: class work, lectures and guided visits included in the program.
  • The fees do not include: travel expenses, accommodation, local transportation and meals.

Total fees are due by the start date of the course and under no circumstances students who have not finalized the payment will be admitted into class.

Please note that Domus Academy Summer Courses 2017 have a limited number of places that will be therefore assigned on a first come–first accepted basis.

How to Apply

You can choose among:

  • Online Application:  apply only by clicking this link and follow the steps to reserve your spot and pay on line by credit card.
  • Standard Application: download the application form, fill it out and send it to
    You will be contacted by email to finalize your booking.

Application Deadlines

Applications to Domus Academy Summer Courses 2017 must be sent to within and not later than 3 weeks prior to the course session beginning.