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Placement Survey

Each year, graduates of Domus Academy move on to professional roles in design studios, major corporations, and institutes. Many launch their own start-ups in their home country and around the world. Some alumni continue to collaborate with Domus Academy, returning as project leaders and guest lecturers as they develop their rewarding international careers.

In 2017, Domus Academy commissioned a survey to investigate the career paths of our recent graduates. The results were very encouraging. The survey found that 95% were employed within one year from graduation, and that 90% of employed alumni had a job consistent with their studies. Job satisfaction was an outstanding 94%.

Whereas only 4% of surveyed alumni are originally from Italy, 23% found employment in Italy after graduation, with 38% working in Asia and 16% in South America.

This survey was designed to evaluate the career outcomes of Domus Academy graduates one year after graduation. It also aimed to compare our career outcomes with those reported by a similar survey conducted by the Italian inter-university consortium AlmaLaurea on graduates of its member schools. Our survey, conducted between February and May 2017, interviewed 2015 graduates of all Academic Master’s courses, which formed the sample. Interviews were conducted by Ipsos Observer using a mix of computer-assisted telephone interviewing (CATI) and computer-assisted web interviewing (CAWI).

Headquartered in Paris, Ipsos is one of the largest research firms in the world. Its survey management branch, Ipsos Observer, is widely considered to be first in the survey-based research market. Ipsos Observer manages projects with a “glocal” (global and local) approach.


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