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Gianfranco Olivotto

Lucio Colapietro

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Do Droid Dream of Electric Sheep
Do Droid Dream of Electric Sheep
Do Droid Dream of Electric Sheep
when creativity meets with aesthetics

Xiang Wen and Shi Yeyue project starts with a reflection on doomsday human civilization and self-awakening consciousness of artificial intelligence. They wanted to describe the future world from the protagonist point of view: a droid woke up in a doomsday and  try to save herself in a deserted place. On her way, she encountered many relics of human civilization and also some surviving animals. At the end of the story, she found the meaning of her own existence.

The final project combines creativity with aesthetics selecting clothes and accessories by emergent and established International fashion brands. Students also used vintage clothes for the photoshooting.

Fashion Styling Workshop was in collaboration with Cactus Magazine, immersive magazine, with a selection of art direction, 3D animation, styling projects. It pushes the boundaries of what a fashion magazine is. Cactus represents one of most engaging experience of image culture focusing on, art direction and visual culture at large, with a distinctive curatorial approach.

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