Within the “HouseEurope! @ Domus Academy” workshop, students were immersed in a strategic exploration of urban regeneration, emphasizing the revitalization of existing structures over wholesale demolition and reconstruction. Led by architects, curators, and industry experts, the tours provided invaluable insights into the intersection of architecture, culture, and societal discourse.

Highlights included a captivating 4-hour tour through the Prada Foundation, guided by Federico Pompignoli of OMA. There, students could witness firsthand the symbiosis of architecture and cultural dialogue, experiencing OMA’s transformative impact on Milan’s urban landscape. Pompignoli also shared some insights on the masterplan of the Scala Romana, in front of the Prada Foundation, on which he is currently working in collaboration with Rem Koolhaas.

At ICA Milano the students were guided through the exhibition of FormaFantasma “La Casa Dentro”. “La Casa Dentro” provided a domestic narrative dedicated to what has been lost, erased and at risk of extinction.

Allina and Matteo Corbellini introduced the participants to their Villa Clea and its intimate ambiance offering a poignant contrast to the city’s towering edifices.

Finally, Marialessandra Secchi’s critical discourse on the City Life District underscored the complex interplay between architectural ambition and historical preservation, prompting reflection on the ethical dimensions of urban development.

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