Elisa Chiodo, Senior Programme Leader for the Master in Visual Brand Design and Master in Business Design, gave a speech entitled “Entrepreneurship through Design. Recombine the design process with methods and tools from other disciplines in project-based activities”.

The main topics of Elisa’s speech has been Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Design Culture. Elisa emphasized the importance of decoding, integrating, and recombining methods and tools into the Design process. She also highlighted inclusivity and social responsibility as crucial design goals.

Tim Power, Master in Urban Vision & Architectural Design Programme Leader, discussed “8 Strategies for a New Millennium” delving into the intersections of Cultural, Environmental and Social Responsibility. According to Timothy “we stand on the brink of an era defined by rapid technological advancements, global shifts, and unprecedented environmental challenges”, the 8 intentional strategies he presented prioritize shared responsibility and accountability over the current emphasis on innovation and disruption.”

Both Programme Leaders emphasized the importance of interdisciplinary approaches and collaboration in design, by providing best practices applied within their courses and highlighting how combining diverse perspectives and methodologies can drive innovation, address contemporary challenges, and foster social responsibility.

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