LG, in collaboration with Humana Vintage, will also challenge students from Master in Fashion Design to envision the future of upcycling from rags to riches, focusing on the development of collection by collecting and re-using left-over garments in one of Humana Vintage stores.

In collaboration with Teatro alla Scala, students from the Master in Interior & Living Design will conceptualise and design an innovative exhibition space at Gallerie d’Italia, next to the historic La Scala complex, dedicated to showcase the theater’s iconic costumes used in prestigious stage productions. Students will explore ways to create an immersive and engaging exhibition that tells the story of the costumes’ role in the theater’s history while embracing modern design principles.

Coockies Digital, a company that develops cutting edge and innovative esports solutions, will challenges students from the Master in Interaction Design to understand how emerging technologies can enhance the gaming experience and to design a new digital or physical product or to improve the interaction experience for players and the gaming community at large.

Students from the Master in Business Design will apply their skill within the Entrepreneurship Through Design Workshop – The Skills Economy, proposing an idea for a new business, leveraging, assessing and critically explore the so-called concept of the Skills Economy.

Sirene Journal, an independent, international award-winning publication, will challenge students from the Master in Visual Brand Design to create a multichannel editorial projects that have a cultural, ethical, sustainable and responsible vision.

Master in Fashion Styling & Visual Merchandising students will collaborate with The Greatest, a biannual independent print magazine, becoming main protagonists of issue number O of the woman edition of the magazine. By understanding end analyzing the brand identity of the established man magazine, students will propose a coherent and innovative layout/structure and develop visual content and journalistic ideas.

Master in Luxury Brand Management students will collaborate with Barbisio, envisioning a strategy for ‘the new Barbisio’, including digital strategy, implementation roadmap, and key metrics for success of the strategy.

‘Embracing Heritage and Elevating Experience. A rebranding Strategy for 10 Corso Como’, is the title of the workshop in collaboration with 10 Corso Como. Students from the Master in Fashion Management will create an effective rebranding strategy, starting from an in-depth analysis of the current brand and merchandising mix to identify strengths and potential areas of improvement.

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