A projection of the video with the participation of Ernest W. Baker at Paris Fashion Week is also planned.

The brand Ernest W. Baker is named after Reid Baker’s grandfather Ernest, an early Detroit man working in advertisement. With a sense of nostalgia, the intention is to reinterpret classic garments that feel as if they were taken from Ernest’s closet.

Their collections blend their cultural influences between European elegance and an American rawness.

The Spring Summer 2021 collection explores and celebrates the knowledge passed from generation to generation and uses reflection on memories and regrets in order to grow. For the collection, the designers were inspired by Baker’s family movies.

“The parallels between the very old, a recurrent inspiration in our work, and the very young that we saw in them became the starting point to our spring-summer 2021 collection.” said Reid. Making the case for sharp dressing, Inês Amorim and Reid Baker offered an immaculate line-up of prep-school ready looks.

The collection is a successful combination of elegance and edginess.

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