During the Experience Design Workshop held at Domus Academy in collaboration with Experientia, former students Elena Candeliere, Nicholas Aron and Wiphawee Maneengarm, conceived one of the project selected. Cari is a device to entertain the children during their hospital stay, reflecting on the topic of heathcare through design. The interactive device offers a connection between the kids and their families through video calls and interactive games and activities, connecting them together from distance. A remedy against fear, loneliness and boredom for children during their hospital stay.

The second project selected by ADI is Takomst by Domus Academy Product Design former student Wen-Heng Chang. Reflecting on the COVID-19 pandemic affection on the educational systems worldwide, he developed a portable educational and learning assistance kit which allows students an interactive and efficient learning experiences both from real and in person, through 6G technology, 3d real-time projection equipment and extended reality technology. The kit aims to increase the interactivity and authenticity of the classroom and improve learning efficiency.

The two projects will be showcased in two exhibitions at the ADI Design Museum of Milan from 14th to 27th of November and at the Institute of the Italian Encyclopedia Treccani of Rome from 12th to 16th of December.

Well done guys!

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