Project Leader | Mentor

Raffaella Campeggi

Project Authors

Jin Hao, Zou Yaxin
Júlia Blasi
Ganga Harika Balla

Wes Anderson
Wes Anderson
Wes Anderson
Inspired by "The Grand Budapest Hotel"

Drawing inspiration from the movie “The Grand Budapest Hotel” directed by Wes Anderson, the students created a captivating visual narrative through a photoshoot and a fashion film. The project blended elements of the film’s aesthetic and fashion relevance, resulting in a unique and visually striking portrayal. By meticulously curating and styling outfits, the students captured the essence of the film’s distinctive fashion sensibility while adding their own creative interpretation. The final output conveyed a fusion of cinematic storytelling and high fashion aesthetics, showcasing the team’s ability to translate inspiration into a visually compelling fashion editorial.

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