Project Leader | Mentor

Marina Baracs,
Tim Power

Project Authors

Jinjuta Chaimontrikul,
Ravi Verma,

Urban Insertion
Urban Insertion
Urban Insertion
Fluid territories

Jinjuta Chaimontrikul, Ravi Verma and Taru chose the building designed by Asnago and Claudio Vender in 1953 at via Faruffini 6. It is a residential building with offices on the ground floor and basement. Their project combines residential, hospitality and commercial spaces acting as the engine of renewed social life and serving as an incubator for technological advancements.

They proposed to keep the original minimalistic design of the façade and created a parasite architecture on the back of the building, combining staircases, ramps and supporting structures. Like an extension of the surrounding city, the complex acts merge public, private and commercial spaces.

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