Project Leader | Mentor

Matteo Greco

Project Authors

Tanisha Shah
Harika Balla
Anushtha Kaushik

The Reflection Issue
The Reflection Issue
The Reflection Issue
Resilience of Women

Starting with brainstorming and conceptualisation, students crafted an “Immaginario” element intended to seamlessly harmonize with the magazine’s established identity. The aim was to celebrate the beauty and resilience of women adept at navigating life’s complexities, like the reflective artistry of a multifaceted mirror. In the following phase, they decided to interview Camilla Ferrari, whose artistic journey paralleled that of their protagonist, exploring both the luminous and shadowed facets of existence and revealing the nuances within human emotions.

Through her interview, they gleaned invaluable insights into her creative process, with her imagery seamlessly woven into the magazine’s visual narrative, enriching the theme of reflection. As for the final stage, the styling team conceived a photoshoot to encapsulate the dualities of the female experience. With meticulous attention to detail, they portrayed moments of joy and sorrow, elation, and introspection, through thoughtfully curated attire, props, locations, models, photographers, and settings.

In essence, the outcome encapsulates the essence of the multifaceted female journey, resonating with readers while preserving the magazine’s timeless appeal and embracing a fresh perspective.

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