Project Leader | Mentor

Raffaella Campeggi

Project Authors

Avirup Mallick
Jolly Kujur
Liu Yufei

The Ambitious
The Ambitious
The Ambitious
From Ambition to Frustration

The main character of the story is a very ambitious woman, but in the beginning, she lacks emotions. However, as the story progresses, she begins to feel love, which leads her into confusion. Gradually she falls into a state of frustration, but it is this love that brings her back to life and gradually she rises to the top. Their fashion editorial presented this concept through visuals and storytelling: through carefully selected fashion photography and costume design, they showed the protagonist’s inner state and changes in each section. From highly abstract images of ambition to emotional expressions in confusion and chaos, to a state of depression immersed in darkness, and finally to her rediscovery and rise through love.

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