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Visions of Rebecco

Project in Collaboration with Comunità Montana Val Trompia

Project by:
Aishwarya Joshi, Aishwarya Khot, Kartik Maliwal, Leanne Farah, Rong Wu


The Factory, or the future ecosystem in Val Trompia

Domus Academy’s students from the Master’s in Urban Vision & Architectural Design analysed Val Trompia as an example of the mountain and rural reconfiguration that will be at the center of hypothetical future massive population displacements from metropolitan conglomerates to healthier and simplified areas of life, in terms of relationships and processes. Proposals have been developed through the regeneration of the many dismissed factories in the territory of Val Trompia.

In this project students worked on the idea of game and amusement parks. Game and entertainment as moments of urban regeneration supporting moments of aggregation able to build strong future communities.

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