Project Leader | Mentor

Federica Ricci,
Elisa Chiodo

Project Authors

Kayla Jagusch,
Mariana Busto,
Yujing Zhu,
Phanvong Saithong,
Vikram Raut

Four winning teams went to Cannes Lions and pitch their ideas live on stage to a jury. One idea has been selected and will go into production with the team working alongside LEGO® and AKQA.

Kayla Jagusch, Mariana Busto, Yujing Zhu, Phanvong Saithong, and Vikram Raut have been selected as winners for their project VIOLET. The product aims to teach new habits to children through LEGO® play, that will positively change the hygienic choices and actions in their daily lives by incentivizing children during the pandemic and post-pandemic world.

Lego Violet
Lego Violet
Lego Violet

LEGO® Violet is a backpack that can be used by children in their daily lives. It mainly focuses on disinfecting LEGO® bricks through UVC rays. The backpack has an air-tight compartment where the disinfection will happen. The top compartment is constructed from woven materials that are recycled and sustainable fibers. This is where kids can store their belongings for travel, furthermore, the bottom part is constructed from LEGO® quality ABS plastic.

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