Project Leader | Mentor

Elisa Chiodo

Project Authors

Regina Maria Pinto Papa

FuturaFrame Art
FuturaFrame Art
FuturaFrame Art

Through a thorough analysis not only of the state of the gallery but also of the preferences and behaviors of gallery visitors, potential new audiences, local artists, art collectors, and art industry professionals, Regina was able to give this project clear objectives that could turn the studio to what the market really seeks. The new gallery needed to respond to visitors’ need for interactive and immersive art experiences but also for sustainability, community engagement and social responsibility.

Driven by the success case of London Tate Modern’s adoption of a visitor-centred approach, Regina planned FuturaFrame to really attract a wider audience base, increasing art accessibility level, launching a diverse revenue model. The innovative element introduced to turn FuturaFrame into a community hub and meeting point for diverse individuals was to guarantee free access to AI and Art Digital sessions and co-working space for both children and seniors consequently stimulating families to spend more time at the gallery.

FuturaFrame will still have funds allowing it to grow and offer more innovative and engaging art pieces and events thanks to the premium subscriptions of those willing to access exclusive experiences as design and sculpture workshops, paint & wine sessions, artistic dialogue hall, etc.

The future vision for FuturaFrame Art is to establish itself as a leading contemporary art gallery that integrates innovative approaches like ambient sound frequencies and digital art, offering unique and immersive experiences to visitors.

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