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Gianfranco Olivotto,
Ildo Damiano

ICON Magazine
ICON Magazine
ICON Magazine
Double ID

Project by: Beibei Xiang, Enrico De Vivo, Miralda Gissila Madca, Supagan Kuwachkapun

ICON Magazine assigned to the students the Cocktail Attire theme with an underlying story of double identity.
The project tells about an English gentleman looking for pleasure in the Metaverse strip club after work. Students analysed the behaviour of people after Covid–19, discovering that virtual sex became more common than before. Their story is divided into three parts. The style suggests all the different aspects of the main character and emphasizes that he is not what he seems. The clothes include both elements from English gentlemen and formal characteristics, while the poses started from formal and elegant, to more casual and crazier ones.

For the advertising campaign, Double ID focused on Instagram with the launch of the hashtag #doubleIdentity. In addition, Instagram stories want to bring followers to interact and share their true selves.

ICON Magazine
ICON Magazine
Love in a Photo booth

Project by: Ana María Najarro, Pragya Beriwala, Hui Yuan, Yi Luo

Ana, Pragya, Hui and Yi worked on the values and meanings of family. The aim was to make an editorial shoot and magazine layout keeping ICON Magazine’s DNA and visual identity. Their project underlines different moments of a family during which they have fun and play, freezing moments in time. Students choose a simple layout characterized by black and white tones, remembering the nostalgia of times past.

A similar concept can be implemented for social media content such as images and videos.

ICON Magazine
ICON Magazine
ICON Magazine
A Strange day

Project by: Alisha Kohli, Dian Zhuang, Fei Wang, Raveenipa Srithongmai

Alisha Kohli, Dian Zhuang, Fei Wang and Raveenipa Srithongmai from the Master in Fashion Styling & Visual Merchandising worked on alchemist, surrealism, transformation and fantasy themes. Students narrate a strange day in a man’s life as he tries to fit in with society and wants to be liked by everyone. However, he often loses himself in the process.

The project is inspired by the poem “Invictus” by William Ernest Henley where he says: “I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul…”. Through their story, students want to inspire and motivate their audience to find their real selves. The team used unusual lights, colours and poses to express surrealism and fantasy themes. To create a contrast with other elements they decided to place the photoshoot within an ordinary apartment.

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