Project Leader | Mentor

Project Expert: Nima Gazestani
Project Leader: Stefano Cardini
Programme Leader: Elisa Chiodo

Project Authors

Sofia Bernardini,
Margarita Maria Marti Pons,
Suphalak Kucharo,
Begum Onder

Ducati Museum
Ducati Museum
Ducati Museum
Borgo Panigale Experience

They worked to develop a new business model and connect the community through digital engagement and social media initiatives, reaching new targets and modern languages.

During the visit to the Ducati Museum, students began to analyse the target audience and the different areas of which it is composed. The Museum is visited by many schools and families of Ducati passionate, so the students thought about how to involve a younger audience and decided to propose an educational game that consists of discovering many curiosities inside the museum and factory and an interactive installation in the museum.

The first two parts are dedicated to learn components, assembly of the motorcycles and the history of Ducati. The third part is a race simulator, which allows visitors to try the experience on Ducati motorcycle.

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