Project Leader | Mentor

Giorgio Mazzucchelli,
W3C Evangelist,
Michele Aquila

Project Authors

Arushee Yadav,
Zeynep Pasinli,
Walter Bedon,
Wei Yao Wang

AR Bootcamp
AR Bootcamp
AR Bootcamp
virtual experience

Arushee Yadav, Zeynep Pasinli, Walter Bedon and Wei Yao Wang envisioned an effective virtual experience inspired by one of the works by Khyati Trehan. She is an Indian graphic designer & a 3D visual artist based in New Delhi, she designs a lot of type works characterized by playfulness emotionality and large volumes.

The group elaborated a tribute to the artist, developing an interactive and virtual AR Experience. The user can get in touch with the work of the artist and go through it thanks to the Augmented Reality technology.

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